Shopper Testimonials

"Very quick response to my request for quotes from different furniture suppliers. Easy way to shop for best prices!!!"
– Charles, New Jersey

"Was able to get a great price and you guys did all the leg work. In other words it was the EASY button!"
– Tanya, Alabama

"Prompt responses with great prices! I ordered two sofas and hope to soon be ordering chairs! Thank you so much!"
– Donna, Texas

"Got a prompt response and a great price on the furniture I purchased."
– Bert, Arkansas

"I received quotes for lighting I was looking for and found them to be very competitive. I have already placed an order for a chandelier I was looking at and will place another order for sconces in about a month. I found this service to be very helpful."
– Lynn, New York

"I received some quick, excellent quotes from a few companies. Would definitely recommend the site to anyone looking for furniture!"
– Victoria, New York

"I was very impressed with how quickly they all responded. Their respective pricing for the item I was interested in was very competitive. I ordered the item from one of the vendors. I will most certainly use Best Prices for Furniture again."
– Terry, Florida

"I received four different quotes and one stood out for the best service and price. I am going to order on Monday and save $600. Thank you!"
– Jack, Ohio

"Received quotes that will save me over 1000 dollars."
– Jonathan, Georgia

"Substantial savings over retail. Vendors were quick to respond, but not pushy. Will be sure to query Best Furniture Prices before buying any piece of furniture and have already recommended to others."
– Richard, New York

"I received a lot of response and was thrilled to find this credenza $700 less than my first quote.... Thanks for all your help!"
– Patty, South Carolina

"I received a quote for the furniture that saved me $1000 from nearest price I could find...."
– Mark, Ohio

"Had callback the next day, bought the recliner I wanted, and even with shipping, saved $800.00...."
– Leonard, California

"Both vendors contacted me quickly and were very professional and helpful in assisting me in my furniture search. Not only did they both get me quotes quickly but they also had incredible prices. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone."
– Michelle, Alabama

"My inquiry was responded to immediately. The people that I spoke with were very professional and helpful."
– Deb, Minnesota

"I very quickly received responses from several suppliers, who were all very helpful. I will be placing an order...very soon."
– Peter, Ontario

"Timely follow up and ended up ordering...."
– Rich, Virginia

"I was amazed at the fast response and personal attention! It was very refreshing."
– Joanna, California

"Prompt, professional responses. Thank you!"
– Donna, Colorado

"I received prompt attention and excellent prices from the merchants who received my information."
– Karon, Alabama

"Prompt response and selection is excellent"
– Arlene, Wyoming

"Received immediate responses from vendors. All polite and not pushy."
– Kyle, South Carolina

"Quick responses, good prices, I am planning on buying."
– Paulette, Texas

"I received a prompt response that was better than other quotes received."
– Pasty, Illinois

"Easy to use, and very informative"
– Lois, New York

"The website is easy to use and I found exactly what I was looking for."
– Deborah, Maryland

"This website is very easy to navigate."
– Leslie, Georgia

"Very easy to find the furniture I was looking for"
– Lorraine, New York

"The ease of getting to the request a quote area makes this site excellent."
– Anne, Massachusetts

"Easy to use very good breadth of product"
– Craig, New York

"It was very fast. In less than a minute I found what I needed."
– Margaret, Michigan

"Very pleased...and plan to make a purchase on Monday."
– Ann, Georgia

"All 3 vendors contacted me. I placed the order...on Friday.... Thank you for the referral!"
– Robin, California

"It really works."
– Louise, South Carolina

"I think it is awesome to have been provided with access to places to shop and compare prices...."
– Jan, Louisiana

"Best competitive pricing."
– Meridith, North Carolina

"Quick contact. Extremely good prices quoted"
– Frank, Georgia

"Purchased my sofas...great deal!"
– Rhonda, Tennessee

"Heard from two vendors. Prices are competitive and I am very likely to place an order soon."
– Renee, Virginia

"Very good follow up and prices"
– Don, Tennessee

"3 stores contacted me within hours.... I purchased a lot of furniture from one of them."
– Pam, Ohio

"The salesperson who contacted me was knowledgeable and the pricing was very competitive!"
– Anne, New York

"Very happy with the efficiency and promptness of the replies. All very professional dealers...."
– Mary, California

"I appreciated the phone response and information provided, I expect to follow up with an order."
– Robert, New Jersey

"Customer service is outstanding....the young lady I am dealing with is very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous ....I would recommend you all to others."
– Linda, New York

"Sales person was very personable and informative."
– Andrea, New Jersey

"They have been great at answering my requests."
– Beth, Georgia

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